$650M Facebook Privacy Lawsuit Settlement Approved


Original content On Friday May 28, 2021, a federal judge in San Francisco has approved a $650 million settlement of a privacy lawsuit against Facebook for allegedly using photo face-tagging [...]

$650M Facebook Privacy Lawsuit Settlement Approved2021-06-07T12:11:02-04:00

The Ultimate PC Mechanic


Over the years, System Mechanic has maintained a solid reputation. This is confirmed by several review websites (PC Mag, Tech Radar, etc.) that compare all three System Mechanic® versions to other options on the market. Below are some highlights as to what we offer compared to the competition. You’ll see that when shopping around, System Mechanic stands out.

The Ultimate PC Mechanic2021-05-14T21:33:04-04:00

Must-Know Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Win 10, 8 and 7


When it comes to keyboard shortcuts within the Windows OS, the Windows key (represented as “Win” below) Windows icon is the basic key that, combined with countless letter and other keys, can call up or execute an incredibly wide variety of menus and functions. But too often we resort instead to mousing around, leading to slower computing and even wrist discomfort over time. It’s time to get faster while relaxing that wrist with these convenient keyboard shortcuts.

Must-Know Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Win 10, 8 and 72021-05-14T20:38:10-04:00


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